The Shrubberies School

Staff List

Staffing Structure Academic Year 2018/2019

Senior Management Team

Jane Jones                                                                     Headteacher SENCO

Wendy Newby                                                                Deputy Headteacher

Cathy Bradshaw                                                             Assistant Headteacher & Head of The Apperley Centre

Beccy Jones                                                                   Head of Upper School

Deborah Lees                                                                 Head of Middle School

Rachel Stephens                                                            Head of Lower School

Sharon Pullin                                                                  Business Manager



Lower School - Rachel Stephens, Katie Rogers, Jane Thompson and  Natasha Swait 

Middle School  - Deborah Lees,Ros Davidson , Janet Weeks, Natalie Jones and Sally Russan

Upper School - Beccy Jones, Lisa Martin,  Mark Doyle, and Sara Whelan

Further Education - Cathy Bradshaw, Tori Banner, Judy Harris and Sue Medcroft


Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Clare Jordan                 Parent Support Advisor       

Sarah Woodward          Moving and Handling           

Claire Donnelly

Scott McIntosh

Shelly Osborne



Sarah Younger              -  pupil records and reviews

Rachel Watkins             - attendance officer, uniforms and parent news



Chris Gardner

Shelly Hooper