The Shrubberies School

Governor Links

Area Of Responsibility Governor School Link
Safeguarding Melissa Harrison-Porter Wendy Newby
Safer Recruitment Angela Wilton, Vannessa Moore Wendy Newby, Jane Jones, Sharon Pullin
Children In Care Vannessa Moore Wendy Newby
Governor Play Champion (OPAL) Janice Ludlam Judy Harris


The Governing Body Team and Skills and Experience

As a team responsible for driving school improvement, keeping in touch with what happens at school and offering support and challenge,  we review and renew  experience and knowledge, through training, consultation and support from local and national associations that support School Governors. 

The Governing Body has a broad range of skills and knowledge  and includes a high level of experience in leadership and teaching, special educational needs, school analysis, community relations, procurement and purchasing and risk management.  The Shrubberies School Governing Body reconstituted in December 2013 and the Governing Body Constitution is made up of: 3 Parent Governors, 1 Local Authority Governor, 1 Staff Governor, Head Teacher,

4 co-opted Governors.


Governor Links - Curriculum Areas:

  • My Thinking
  • My Communication
  • My creativity
  • Me and My Community
  • My World
  • Myself and My Body


Governor Links - Ofsted / School Development Plan Areas

  • Effectiveness of Leaderships and Management
  • Quality of teaching, learning and assessment
  • Personal Development, behaviour and welfare
  • Outcomes of children and learners
  • The effectiveness of early years provision
  • The effectiveness of sixth form provision


Other Governor Links

  • Safeguarding
  • Safer Recruitment
  • Children in Care






Governors who have left:




New Term of Office


Terms of Office

Governor Monitoring and Evaluation & Department Link

Committee Membership

Mrs. Hayley Holland



01/02/2014 – 17/7/2013

Teaching and Learning

Early Years Department

Curriculum Committee

Mr. Simon Bergin

Local Authority



Secondary Department

Leadership and Management

Resources  Committee

Mrs Kerry MacIntoshStaff Governor




Curriculum Committee


Mrs Lisa KingstonParent Governor15/09/2014- 31/07/2017Teaching and LearningCurriculum committee
Mrs Sue CoatesParent Governor15/09/2014- 31/09/2017teaching and learningcurriculum committee


Contact with the Governing Body can be made through Clerk to Governors:

email or telephone 01453 822155.