The Shrubberies School

Aims and Values

Our ethos and values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens.

The School Aims:


  • To develop the full potential of each pupil in a respectful, inspiring and supportive environment
  • To provide a broad, balanced, differentiated and relevant curriculum that motivates, inspires and takes into account pupils talents and interests. 
  • To develop self-regulation, self-esteem and self-confidence by providing activities and programmes which allow pupils the experience of success
  • To prepare our pupils for the next stage of their education or life, through developing their independence and sense of responsibility
  • To establish effective communications between home, school and external agencies, creating a partnership to best meet the needs of our pupils.
  •  To offer pupils a broad range of stimulating and enrichening experiences, both within school and in the community.



  • At The Shrubberies School pupils are valued and respected equally
  • They are recognised as individuals with differing personalities and the ability to excel in differing ways
  • Each pupil is respected regardless of gender, race, creed, gender identity or disability and it is believed that with a positive and optimistic approach from all concerned, each and every pupil can be helped to reach his or her potential in preparation for their life as active citizens
  • Pupils are supported in a calm and non-confrontational manner, to behave in a way that enables them to make the most of their opportunities.  They are encouraged to develop respect and understanding of the needs and rights of others, as well as their own.
  • We recognise that the school staff are not working in isolation and the view and experiences of both pupils, parents and other professionals are taken into consideration at all times.