The Shrubberies School

Middle School

The Middle School Curriculum




As a department we focus on providing for our pupils with an individualised and creative curriculum. A curriculum that will inspire pupils and support them to continue to develop skills to be effective communicators, successful learners and problem solvers.


The curriculum provides skill and context-based learning and encourages active engagement in learning. To have learning experiences that are meaningful and enjoyable.


Our pathways provide a flexible framework which is responsive to pupils needs, stimulating and enables learners to build on interest.

It provides pupils with the opportunity to explore and investigate a wide range of different experiences.

The pathways focus is on developing key skills of communication, cognition, independence, physical development and self-care.

Working towards these skills being transferable to equip children and young people for life beyond school.

Enabling pupils to make choices, self regulate, have some control and independence in life.


Pupils are:

  • treated as an individual
  • valued in school, the wider community and able to interact positively and safely with others
  • have the best possible physical and emotional health and healthy relationships
  • able to make choices and have some control and independence in life
  • supported to communicate, and their voice to be heard
  • actively engaged in learning experiences that are meaningful, functional and enjoyable




Curriculum Pathways



The Middle School curriculum is implemented through a rolling programme of topic themes which embed the curriculum pathways aspects.



Please click on the link to view Middle School rolling programme of topic themes.

Learning experiences are delivered in a range of different contexts and all moments are learning opportunities:

  • play
  • snack
  • lunch
  • toileting
  • transitions
  • visitors
  • visits
  • themed days
  • special occasions



Phonics is taught through the Monster Phonics Scheme.

Monster Phonics is a whole-class systematic synthetic phonics theme with decodable books. It teaches pupils to read by enabling them to identify individual graphemes and blend the sounds (phenomes) together to read a word. It is a fun way to teach phonics and a highly advanced multisensory scheme which creates interest and engagement for pupils.

A holistic approach to the curriculum is embedded with a range of approaches and interventions offered, some are identified below:

  • total communication
  • signing club
  • intensive interaction
  • Attention Autism
  • swimming
  • Rebound Therapy



Pupils have the opportunity through the curriculum pathways to explore and experience a wide range of learning through activities and experiences.

The impact of this learning will be reflected through:

  • pupils attainment
  • behaviour
  • attendance
  • achievements of small steps within EHCP outcomes
  • achievement of EHCP outcomes
  • pupils making positive choices
  • Earwig evidence
  • formative assessment through marking, annotation and observations
  • Routes for Learning (where appropriate)
  • Engagement Profiles (where appropriate)


Development and progress are shared with parents and carers regularly via telephone calls, meetings, discussions, Earwig and more formally during parents evenings and EHCP meetings.


Middle School aim to provide all of their pupils with a positive, stimulating environment and a personalised learning approach to unlock pupil's potential.

This enables our pupils:

  • to be healthy
  • to be safe
  • to be happy
  • to achieve and have success
  • to feel valued


If you have any further questions with regards to the Middle School curriculum then please contact Jayne English, Head of Middle School.