The Shrubberies School

Introducing the PTA for The Shrubberies School

Welcome to The Shrubberies School PTA.  We are a registered charity and our charity number is 269962.

Should you wish to email, the address is

Do feel free to get in touch, should you wish to support the students at this special school by raising funds or donating.

This could be funds raised from a local cake sale, hand made Christmas cards, and charity runs.  If you are a business and looking to donate an amount of money towards the school students, we would of course value your contributions to our students.   We have a great relationship with the local community and value everyone's warm and welcoming support.  We ensure that all donations are spent wisely, and respect nominated contributions to special resources that you are interested in providing for our students.  We are continuously grateful for your continued support.  The options to donate to the PTA charity are:

smileycheques payable to:   The Shrubberies School

smileyYou can donate using our donate button on our website

smileyWe also use justgiving and happy to help you if you wish to set up a fundraising page for an event.