The Shrubberies School

Family Support

Parent Support Advisor

 The school is committed to ensuring parents have an opportunity for direct support and offer the services of our Parent Support.  The school aims to support parents and carers by delivering family support which enables you to learn, share and be supported by the professionals at this school and others within the wider community.   The Role of Parent Support Advisor is   to offer advice and support to parents and carers in any matters concerning a child's education and development.  The PSA will help you identify needs and support you and your children with information, advice and guidance. We may not have all the answers but aim to enable you to work out how to find them".    


Parent Contact - School Communication System

We also communicate with parents via text message and email.  Please ensure that you provide us with your current contact details and let the school office know of any changes.


We are not running Stay and Play currently, however we leave this information here below to show you historically how committed we are to support the development of pre-school children with additional needs.


Remember Stay and Play at The Shrubberies School

No referral was necessary, any parent from any establishment who had a pre-school child with additional needs could make a request to access Stay and Play.  Stay and Play was offered every Thursday morning, from 9.30am to 11.30am. To support and promote the all-round development of pre-school children with additional needs through fun activities. 

Allsorts Gloucestershire Charity for Children with Disability or Additional Needs & their families

Face 2 Face

Gloucesteshire - Face 2 Face is a free and confidential support service for parents of children with additional needs or a disability. They offer one-to-one emotional support from trained volunteers who are also parent carers. Their volunteer mentors can help parents through diagnosis or other difficult times. All mentors can provide personal information and advice about services in the area. If you would like to talk to another parent who understands what you are going through then please contact them.  . You will be linked to a parent carer so you can meet and talk face to face.   07580 243717 (face 2 face)