The Shrubberies School


The Progression Pathways of the Shrubberies School and Apperley Centre


The Intent …..

A curriculum that is ambitious and designed to give all learners the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life. It is a holistic curriculum that is coherently planned and allows for personalisation. It provides the knowledge and skills for future learning, life experiences, independence and employment.

The curriculum is designed  to meet the needs of all of our children no matter what their level of SEND. It is intuitive curriculum that prepares students for their future.


Curriculum Progression Pathways

We believe that a hierarchical, small steps curriculum does not meet the idiosyncratic nature of our children’s learning. The curriculum should not be driven by small tick list steps. We are passionate to develop a curriculum that is holistic and recognises the individual needs of our students. We acknowledge the development of a curriculum designed by Swiss Cottage School Development and Research Centre and the work of Penny Lacey (2011). We have taken their influences and have over the last eighteen months, collaboratively, worked on a curriculum that is flexible and that allows students to have a personalised pathway of progress. We call them progression pathways.


At present the pathway for My Thinking is complete for the informal, semi-formal or formal approach to the curriculum.  Teaching staff and aspect leads are developing pathways for all of our aspects.

Curriulum Aspects

Skills, knowledge and concepts (learning intentions) progress from left to right, however students can take a personalised route depending on their individual needs and what is the priority for their next stage of education, life and/or employment.  

Please feel free to have a look at our exciting developments and we welcome comments and feedback.