The Shrubberies School

Celebrate your School Garden

Welcome to the page which celebrates your achievements in the Shrubberies School Garden.

You, the students at The Shrubberies School, have worked so hard at making the school garden,  flourish.  With a mixture of colours and textures from plants and flowers, creating patterns and shapes, you have been meeting nature and watching it flourish. The garden has grown tall and strong and beautiful. Follow this tour with Caroline and see if you can name the plants, fruits and flowers you helped grow. Take a look below at the pictures and information on contributors, and click on the links for more pictures.  

Do you enjoy seeing the rewards of all your hard work? A very big thank you for Tesco Community Grant which helped re-generate this garden project and helped us purchase many things, including gardening equipment, benches, and growing items which has helped the garden flourish. The school engaged with the School Food Matters Programme. Students from Upper School have contributed so amazingly. They visited an allotment in Ebley, March 23 and the Long Table in Brimscombe for drinks and a tour of the charity. The sold their grown vegetables at the Shambles Market with the proceeds going to The Long Table.  Haresfield Garden Centre also contributed to this venture.