The Shrubberies School

Financial Information


Please find below financial information relating to our school.  There is a link at the bottom of this page which will take you to various financial management reports within our website which explain our planning and expenditure for special grants, as directed by the government.


Schools Financial Benchmarking Online Service is provided by the Government.  

This site is used by our school Governors to explore comparisons between similar schools.  The needs of each special school can be quite different and so it is wise to consider carefully any comparisons with schools that are noted as being similar.

We have a hydrotherapy pool, two locations and also different department buildings which is something to consider when, for example, you are looking at energy costs.  Our staffing is representative of Special Schools higher staffing to pupil ratio,  and we maintain a dedication to ensuring that pupils at this school get the best education and experiences they can.  

Maintained Schools must publish how may school employees (if any) have a gross annual salary of £100,000 or more.  We can confirm that no school employee meets this level.

National Testing Programme Grant   May 2021    £28,050  (as of July 2021)

Our Testing Programme began January 2021.  We can confirm that we have received funding to support our testing programme within school.  We are very glad to have received this funding from the government.  This grant covers previous work and continued testing arrangements within school.  We can confirm that we have used this funding since January to cover the following expenditure: 

Additional hours of Teaching Assistant and Clerical Assistant to manage the Testing

Clinical Waste arrangements

Sanitary and cleaning resources

Testing equipment resources

Special waste bins and required disposal.




Specialist Equipment, -  improving, mobility, accessing education.

Children who attend our school, sometimes need extra specialist equipment to access education.  We work together with the NHS team who visit our students and assess their needs, and we ensure that specialist equipment is made available to the student.  


Our financial contribution and NHS contribution together makes it possible to provide this equipment.

Together, we have purchased in the past, wheelchairs, seating, walking , eating and drinking equipment and other items.   

Here is the past expenditure for these items.   We are in Financial Year 2021 2022 (April - March 2022); and in 

previous financial years: 

20 21 total paid by school £983.02

9 20  total paid by school £1,954.05