The Shrubberies School

Behaviour Curriculum

                                            The Shrubberies School Behaviour Curriculum.


There may be occasions when pupils are unable to access the formal curriculum. This may be due to high levels of anxiety, emotional or social issues. It is recognised that when pupils are highly anxious or emotional they cannot learn in the same way, as they may find it difficult to take in or process information. This may last for  short periods in the school day or for a more sustained length of time.

In order to support these pupils, the Behaviour Curriculum has been introduced.


This Behaviour Curriculum is aimed at:

  • developing emotional resilience and positive mental health

  • developing responsibility

  • building confidence and self-esteem

  • developing the understanding of the importance of healthy relationships

  • developing the understanding of what bullying is and how to stop it

  • developing an understanding of how to stay safe

  • developing skills in self-management


Pupils who access the Behaviour Curriculum at levels 1-4 will also be supported with a Positive Behaviour Plan, with a view to them eventually accessing level 5 of the Behaviour Curriculum and returning to their usual lessons. Details of which levels of the Behaviour Curriculum are accessed by particular pupils, are identified on their Positive Behaviour Plan.


All other pupils will access the formal curriculum and will be working at level 5 of the Behaviour Curriculum to support their learning in the aspect Myself.


Please see the documents below for details of the Behaviour Curriculum.