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This page is new for September 2017, and aims to continue to celebrate your achievements since you have left our school.  Do you have a Job?  let us know all about it.  We would enjoy hearing all about it.  Please be assured that we will not publicise company or  business trade names,  we will just describe the type of service or business they provide, and their general locality,  and focus on your achievements and interests.  We look forward to hearing from you. 

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News about Sam-a former student.


After Sam left the Shrubberies in 2009, he went to Stroud College for 4 years. After this he did various volunteering and work placements including a year at Stratford Park with the Landscape Group.
Since 2015 he has been working at Snow Business International at Ebley. He is the cleaner and Mill Assistant.
In September 2015, he won an award from the Grow Gloucestershire Awards for exceptional achievement.

He is very happy being a member of the team.

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News about past students  accessing supported internships.

3 past students have accessed this year's supported internships.


Student M is accessing her internship through SGS College and is working at a local café. She began her placement washing-up and has now progressed to  food preparation. She is developing her skills and her speed!


Student F has a placement through The National Star College at Tewkesbury Abbey, cleaning the Abbey and getting it ready for visitors. She also volunteers at a café, clearing tables and making drinks.


Student A-is completing a 'front of house' placement at a bistro. He also volunteers at a restaurant in the kitchen and is learning knife skills and food preparation. He has started two days a week paid employment at a local hotel working 'front of house' and washing-up.

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Jack-We have received news about a past pupil called Jack . He is doing very well and has moved into supported living accommodation in Stroud. He enjoys keeping busy with activities such as horse-riding and sailing, and still has a wonderful sense of humour. He  recently went on holiday where he took in a variety of  problem solving activities.

  1 David and Hannah visited us to give us an update.

Hannah and David-Both Hannah and David completed the Access to Work and Education at The Shrubberies School. They are both now in their second year at SGS College. Hannah is on the Passport to Independence course, and has recently passed her Entry 2 in English and Maths. She is accessing work experience at a local Fish and Reptile Emporium.

David is on the Gateway to College course and is working towards Entry Level 1 in English and Maths. He has also learned to travel independently by public transport. He is currently accessing work experience at a local re-cycling facility.


Liam Price left The Shrubberies in 2008 to go to a local college. Initially he did a sports course, then progressed to an NVQ level 3 teaching assistant qualification. He now works as a TA in our Middle School.




Nathan  left The Shrubberies to go to SGS College in 2012. He worked at a local supermarket in our town, from  April 2016- September 2017, as a Customer Service Assistant. He left there to start a new job at a local glazing company. He works there two days a week, taping up the windows ready for them to be cut and distributed. He says 'It is good work' and there is a new factory opening, that he has been helping to get ready. He has learned to use a buffer cleaner and has been cleaning all the floors. Well done Nathan. 


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