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New Playground Equipment

We are very grateful to HSBC who have kindly funded our new climbing frame on the playground.  Tesco Bags of Help started us off with £2,000 and then HSBC generously offered to fund the remaining £6277.40.  The Shrubberies was delighted to welcome Ryan Starr, Mark Richards and Lilian Jones from HSBC into school on Tuesday to make the presentation.  After this they toured the school and were even able to try out the Clamberstack climbing frame, recently installed by All Out Play from Stroud.    

Museum of the Moon

The Museum of the Moon landed at Gloucester Cathedral yesterday in preparation for our visit! The artist Luke Jerram was brought up in Randwick and attended the village school before going onto Archway School in Stroud. The installation is a fusion of lunar imagery, moonlight and surround sound composition.

The children were extremely impressed when they first walked into the cathedral. 'Wow, the moon's amazing,' said W. Having studied the moon on the computer and discussed our solar system we were able to discuss aspects of the moon and use words to describe it. 'Those are craters,' said T. Several of the children had remembered that nothing grows on the moon because there is no air, very impressive!

The cathedral held many opportunities for the children to discuss what they saw or felt. 'It's very creepy,' said L as we walked through the darker corridors. 'I can see lots of numbers,' said W when looking at one of the marble bodies. Unfortunately T's hamster had died that morning so he wanted to say a prayer for him.

Outside, H spotted a plaque with a tank on which the children had been pretending to play with in the garden the previous day, 'It's really smooth,' he said when rubbing it with his hands.

Museum of the Moon

Museum of the Moon 1
Museum of the Moon 2
Museum of the Moon 3