The Shrubberies School

CLOSURE INFORMATION - Shrubberies School & Apperley Centre

Dear Parents/Carers,

School Closure

We have been able to stay open up until this point, by asking staff to continue working as normal, even if they have an elevated risk from exposure to coronavirus.  I am no longer willing to ask them to do this.  In addition, increasing numbers of staff are being required to self-isolate.

Due to reduced staffing, I have decided to close the school from Monday, 23rd March. Although school will be closed,  we will be providing child care for a small number of pupils, whose parents are key workers and for those pupils, identified by us, with a very high level of social care need.  Parents of these children have already been contacted.  All other pupils should stay at home from Monday, 23rd March onwards.

Our pupil population has been identified by the government as particularly vulnerable during this crisis and it will be safer for them not to be in a crowded setting.  We also need to play our part in social distancing and resisting the spread of the virus.


If you are a key worker, with no available childcare (such as a partner at home), please contact the school on Friday, 20th March (tomorrow), before 3.30 pm to arrange for your child’s continued attendance.  The government currently defines key workers as


  • health workers
  • police officers
  • supermarket delivery drivers
  • workers looking after the vulnerable and elderly
  • school staff
  • social workers

Please contact the school if you think you may be a key worker, even if not on the list above.

I realise that school closure causes severe disruption but trust you will understand the necessity of this measure during these difficult times.

Best wishes, Jane Jones, Head Teacher.