The Shrubberies School

Music Therapy

Music Therapy in School 



Music Therapy is the usage of sounds and music within an evolving relationship to support and develop change.


Everyone has the ability to respond to music and this is usually unaffected by disability, illness or injury.  Music can often reach a person to help develop communication and self-expression. 


Sessions at The Shrubberies School happen weekly at the same time and place, during term time.  Children are referred to the Music Therapist by their teacher. 


The sessions are child-led, and the aims for each child will be different, depending on their individual needs. 



Aims can include:

  • To develop communication and social skills

  • To encourage self-expression

  • To develop confidence and self esteem

  • To develop the ability to manage feelings

  • To promote self-awareness and awareness of others

  • To reduce anxiety, tension or challenging behaviour.

Music Therapists are qualified and state registered under the Health Professionals Council.


Maggie Grady

Music Therapist,  Music Space.

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