The Shrubberies School

May Fayre 2017

A dry, calm, cloudy yet warm, bright morning was the perfect weather to be getting ready and setting up for our main annual event. The flags, bunting and banners were up. The tables were being taken out ready to be made into one of the many stalls. The small and large bouncy castles looked impressive ready for the children to have some fun on. All the plants had been laid out into a wonderful colourful arrangement. The café was stocked up and ready for the huge queue of customers waiting for the school main doors to be opened.

Gloucestershire Fire & Rescue and Constabulary services were based at the front of the school and were receiving many visitors. At 11am prompt our first customers arrived in. People purchased tickets for the main raffle and silent bid auction.

In the hall……A wonderful selection of cakes on sale along with the Senior Enterprise stall. All items looked stunning and such hard work could clearly be seen. Customers made some lovely purchases. Walking through this area to the outside were all the other stalls!

The BBQ as per tradition, was very popular with a constant stream of burger baps and sausage rolls coming out from the kitchen, along with plenty of fried onions!. All that helped out worked so hard and were truly amazing to keep the food coming. A relaxing seating area was set up outside for people to sit and enjoy. Lots of families and children were enjoying making great use of the early years play areas.

This year Woodford Silver band played a great range of tunes which really did set the scene. The two bouncy castles were constantly filled with happy and lively children who were clearly having a great time. We had Gloucester Event Medics on site too.

The stalls…….. All stall holders worked so hard setting up the stands and preparing for the day. The wine and water stall holders were very busy re-wrapping the water bottles as and when they were returned with some very pleased wine winners. The bottle tombola stall was a huge success and the first stall to sell out. As did the ever famous filled jars stall! The Suds and Sparkles stall gleamed in the sunshine and had constant buyers. The Tombola stall looked very busy, which again is an old favourite. All sold out very quickly towards the end of the day.The treasure hunt stall sold all squares and the winner walked away with a huge basket hamper of goodies. The plant stall was hugely popular. You could see a beautiful carpet of colour and smells of fresh herbs and tomato plants. The rocking horse had a young winner who named the horse ‘Bill’. One very excited and happy winner!

The books and dvds stall was held in a classroom which was bursting with a range of good reads and movies. You could see lots of people with books and dvds walking around, so some great value purchases made.

The White Elephant stall had a constant flow of people purchasing and returning for another look (you did need another look as there were so many items). You could see lots of children around the grounds with fabulous face colours, great work from our face painting stall!

The Melon stall looked wonderful, with its refreshing display of honeydew and watermelon to choose from. All sold out just before the end which was great! Nearby, the Open the box stall was in its 2nd year as a new stall and had many visitors (including returners!) trying their skills to reach for the key to open the padlock and win the cash prize & goodies. The Colin Dymond Children’s show was well attended, with all spectators having jolly good fun!

The Café was constantly busy with helpers clearly working well and hard as a team. Such a lovely range of donated cakes. The cakes were selling fast and the cups were continually being cleared up and re-washed. Some additional seating was set up outside in the courtyard, and used a lot for those seeking some ‘quiet time’.

Drinks, ice-creams/lollies were selling well with a cool box of ice-creams being taken around creating extra sales. The day was fantastic, and was a HUGE success raising over £4,000!

When all had left, the great clear down took place …… heaps of washing up, packing of boxes, white elephant stall packing and table clearing. All water from the wine stall was recycled and poured onto the plants over in forest school and gardening area. Whilst the clear down was being done, in the school office, our Treasurer and HSBC bank team were working extremely hard counting the day’s takings.

The PTA would like to say a really huge thank you for all the donations, time, dedication and support given on the run up to, on the day and at the end of the day. It really did help create a clearly wonderful day for our friends, families, children and local people to enjoy, whilst also raising awareness and much needed funds for the school.



May Fayre 2016