The Shrubberies School


The Shrubberies School wants each and every student to have the best possible attendance at school to enable them to reach their full potential. There is a strong link between good school attendance and achieving good results for children. Children who frequently miss school may fall behind in their work which may affect their future prospects. Absence may also have an effect on friendships. Young people who are frequently absent from school are more likely to become involved in, or be a victim of crime and anti-social behaviour. At The Shrubberies we work closely with families to support them to achieve the best possible outcomes for our children.


A child whose attendance is below 90% is considered a persistent absentee. We aim for all of our students to have an attendance of 94% or above. If a child of compulsory school age who is registered at a school fails to attend regularly at the school then the parent is guilty of an offence under Section 444(1) of the Education Act 1996.  There is a risk that if a child’s attendance remains at a level below 90% without a legitimate reason a referral may have to be made to the local authority, who will start a legal process.