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Governors may request updates to the website by contacting the school office via the contact form at the bottom of this page. 

Review/Updated Log Book  (please complete log when you update this page and email Governors when complete).


January 2017       Added Document : Governors Links.      Details: Curriculum Areas / Governor of the Month and Staff Contact Details for Governors. 

Introduction to the Restricted Area.

Please contact the Business Manager should you wish to add any information to this restricted area.   The Index on this page is as follows:

►Governors Handbook and Governors Handbook Quick Look Guide

►Governors Training Record - please ensure that you contact the Business Manager to update any completed training.

►Governor Visit Template

►Governor Record of School Visit

►Contact the Clerk Page

►Minutes of the Governors Meeting

►Dates of Governors Meetings

►Links to Gloucestershire County Council Governor Services and Other Useful Websites

Minutes of The Governors Meetings
Governor Meeting Dates

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