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Pupil Premium Grant

In the academic year 2017/2018 the school expects to receive approximately £37895.00

TOTAL PUPIL PREMIUM 2016-2017 £42435.00

The impact of these grants is recorded each academic year.





£20,000 (partial funding)

Parent Support Worker

52% of families entitled to pupil premium have been supported by the Parent Support Adviser. 95% of her work has been contact with families of pupils entitled to PP. She supports them in family and social issues that impact on pupils' readiness to learn.

Parents have been supported in EHCP transformation meetings to set educational outcomes.

Parent survey states that 95% parents respond well to their concerns.

The Pupil Premium Grant will continue to support parents in meeting such as EHCP, safeguarding and multi-agency meetings.

£6,000 (partial funding)

Literacy / Numeracy Interventions

91% of pupils entitled to premium students reached or exceeded their targets in Numeracy.

97% of pupils entitled to pupil premium students reached or exceeded their targets in Literacy.

This money will focus on in-class interventions and support.

£4,000 (partial funding)

Counselling Support

Four students' have been supported. Feedback from the students on their emotional and mental health indicate a positive impact.

Pupil Premium grant will continue to support the emotional and mental health of students who are entitled to Pupil Premium.


Education Psychology Support

Four students have been assessed by Educational Psychologist and advise on teaching strategies given. This has supported and informed teaching and learning practise.

This will only continue on a needs basis in response to individual needs of pupils and students.

£6,000 (partial funding)

Music Therapy

Pupil premium has been used to fund some of the music therapy sessions at The Shurbberies School. This financial allocation has allowed the children that participate in music therapy sessions to foster a sense of self and self-confidence, through the improvised music that they create in sessions. They have been able to communicate on a level with which they feel comfortable, using the wide range of handheld percussion, drums, piano and simple woodwind instruments available. This communication can sometimes feel like the first step to being understood and this can transfer into other areas of their lives, both at school and at home.

Music Therapist Report

The money will continue to support pupils and students with PMLD.

£7,635 (partial Funding)

Additional in-class TA support

91% of pupils entitled to premium students reached or exceeded their targets in Numeracy.

97% of pupils entitled to pupil premium students reached or exceeded their targets in Literacy.

Due to the budget constraints the Pupil Premium Grant will continue to contribute to the high staff ratio needed for pupil and students with SLD and PMLD.

Year 7 Catch-up Grant

This grant enables the school to allocate funds for year 7 pupils in this special school, focusing on literacy and numeracy catch-up.


In academic year 2017/2018 the school is expecting to receive £5500







Additional TA Support

Their will continue to be no disparity between Year 7 achievement and that of other year groups.

The Year 7 students’ attainment will continue to be in line with the whole school attainment

The Catch-up 7 grant will continue to provide additional TA support in the classes that have Year 7 students.



In academic year 2016/2017 the school received £5500







Additional TA support in the classroom


All of Year 7 pupils bar one reached or exceeded their expected target in Numeracy and Literacy.  The one pupil who didn't was a persistent absentee and attendance interventions have been planned and implemented using Pupil Premium money.




The catch-up 7 money will continued to be used to provide additional TA support within classes with Year 7 Students.



PE Sports Grant

In academic year 2016/2017 the school received final grant of £3417

In academic year 2015/2016 the school received  £8198

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