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We welcome the chance to share with you, a letter received from Sport Relief 2016 - held on Friday 18th March 2016.


Dear Fabulous fundraiser,

Thanks for teaming up with us for another record breaking Sport Relief. We really couldn't do it without champion schools like yours.

To celebrate your amazing performance, we have enclosed a certificate for you to hang up in your school. It is a thank you from Champa who appeared in this year's schools' film. We also created an assembly with a film that includes shout outs from a few famous fans and info on how your money will help. Download it at:

The money your school raised will go to help people living in tough lives in some of the world's poorest countries and here at home in the UK. Now that is something to be really proud of! Thank you from The Schools and Youth Team.


A message from us all here at The Shrubberies School,

  1. many thanks to everyone, especially the school pupils, for participating in our Sport Relief Campaign at The Shrubberies School. We have a certificate confirming that you raised £276.48. Well Done to everyone.


With grateful thanks on behalf of the pupils and staff and Governors, we are delighted to announce the arrival of a brand new minibus as a result of the commitment of Pied Piper Charity. An amazing organisation which has given us such a much needed and valued gift.  With joint efforts from our fabulous PTA we are delighted to be able to provide much needed improved travel facilities on a daily basis for our pupils. 

We are very grateful to Pied Piper for supplying our wonderful new minibus, with generous support of the following organisations:
          Hitchins Family Trust
          Gloucestershire Community Foundation
          The Gyde Charity
We are also grateful to cricketer, Alex Gidding, for his support for our new bus.
Thanks to these generous supporters, we can take our lessons outside the classroom and explore interesting places all over the county!  below are some photographs of our minibus sponsor's logos that we have on our wonderful bus. 



  Race For Life Report From Rachel Watkins June 2014



It started with a simple text, "shall we do the race for life" I thought what a great idea, after having Renal cell carcinoma I was fast approaching my 5th year in remission so what a fantastic way to celebrate it! So my friend and our group leader (Skater mums group) Louise Asher, her twin sister Wendy Couling, myself and my daughter Lucy decided to go for it.


June 29th arrived and we set off early, we took some pics when we got there,soaked up the atmosphere and joined in on the Race for Life warm up,I was tired just doing that! So to say I'm not athletic is an understatement as with much trepidation I agreed with my team mates that we should join the joggers section,so that we could jog/walk etc, walking as far as I'm concerned being the operative word! Then we started and thankfully I did manage to jog over the start and even managed to keep going until we'd past the cheering crowd at which point I decided to accept with dignity that I wasn't built for speed and settled for a nice brisk walk and Louise graciously kept me company, as Lucy and Wendy shot off into the distance enjoying the challenge of a good run.


After a good chin wag and a giggle on the way round we saw the end in sight and decided to jog our way over the finish line with big smiles on our faces, We had a wonderful time and feel that we did something good taking part,our group raised over £250 for Cancer Research a cause that has saved and is still saving many lives,including mine. The Skater mums Group would like to say a big thank you. 



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